11.0 Metris TN425LE

The Metris TN425LE increases the distance between you and your target with a LONG RANGE optical system [ Distance to Target ] of 50:1. You can measure a 1 inch area from 50 inches away / a 1 foot area from 50 feet away !

The x-tra bright DUAL LASERS DEFINE your test area - no guesswork as with a 1-dot thermometer. Accuracy is greatly improved.

The TN425LE will measure objects and surfaces from -76F to 1832F. -60 to 1000C.

Additional features include: white LED flashlight, Adjustable Emissivity, Double magnet base attaches to handle, Min-Max-Dif-Average temperatures taken during scan, colorful LC display, High/Low programmable alarms and a hard plastic carry case.